Energy in Balance

Historically, large power plants have kept electricity grids balanced by making slight adjustments to their generation every day. The increase in volatile renewables in the grid makes this approach insufficient. KOENA tec is enabling small commercial devices to participate in balancing the grid, thus avoiding the need to produce materials and technology for that purpose alone. And importantly: KOENA tec does this without influencing users’ experiences and interactions with the devices.

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Get paid by participating in our program to bring the flexible energy potential of your devices to the energy market.

Our goal: helping you operate your equipment as environmentally friendly as possible. We achieve this goal by integrating a control unit into your equipment. By using this connector, we optimize electricity use of your devices at very small timescales. Doing this earns you revenue from the energy market and supports the integration of renewables into the grid. And as an added bonus: You can monitor your devices energy use remotely, creating automatically generated reports of how energy was used over time, or allowing you to look at and use real time live data to make sure your equipment is doing what it should.


White Label

Achieve your corporate sustainability goals by integrating our sustainability focused control and optimization systems into your products. We offer development and technical support as well as certification of grid-friendly and sustainability oriented appliances and devices.

Easy setup

In order to connect your machines to the KOENA tec platform, we use already available standardized IoT interfaces. If an interface is not already available on your device, we support you in finding a connectivity solution and we are glad to be your partner in expanding your hardware with an appropriate interface.

Bespoke solutions

Benefit from our data analysis expertise! We offer to integrate power systems analysis and contribution to sustainable energy goals into your reporting environment. We also provide an easy-to-use reporting system.

Got your attention?

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Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Profit, Sustainable Future

Interested in supporting or joining in on our mission to support renewables in the grid? Adjusting power use to the availability of solar and wind power, allows more of these generators to be installed. It’s this smart energy transition that we can achieve with smart solutions. Profit from being on top of changes in the energy market. With KOENA tec, your devices are integrated into a platform designed to make flexible energy use profitable for commercial businesses. Combining our partners’ and customers’ devices’ flexibility, we enable you to increase in profits and emphasize a sustainable footprint for your business.