The Solution for Energy Efficient Equipment in Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Transparent energy controlling across multiple locations
  • Support a strong, transparant sustainability strategy for your business

Move your kitchen into sustainability and into the future

Our services enable you to operate your kitchen and equipment as efficient as possible and, doing so, to save as much as possible.

Many appliances are essential to your business and to providing customers consistent quality products. At the same time, some of these appliances are notorious for using a lot of costly electricity. This is particularly relevant for ovens, freezers, bain maries and espresso machines. These appliances can often even constitute the majority of restaurant buildings’ electricity costs.

KOENA tec services save customers up to 30% on their electricity costs.

KOENA tec’s products include a smart plug for commercial kitchen equipment. It is easy installed by inserting the plug between the appliance and the power socket. The plug measures electricity of the appliance and sends the data to KOENA tec’s cloud server. KOENA tec’s servers analyze how the appliance is used and how small adjustments can have a high impact on electricity cost savings. Customers receive easy to follow instructions and an automatically generated plan for achieving savings every day.

Wie funktioniert Strom sparen in der Gastronomie?

5 steps to saving energy with KOENA tec

5 steps to saving energy with KOENA tec



Referenzkunde: Ein nachhaltiges und stromsparendes Cafe / Bar in Stuttgart

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