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Make new services with your restaurant industry products possible by connecting to the energy internet of things

Adding sustainability to your products can be a daunting challenge. Achieving this while also keeping up with online platforms and digital protocols complicates this challenge even more. KOENA tec’s services and products for appliance manufacturers make sustainability a part of the digital connectivity of your products. We believe this is central to a digitalization and IoT strategy suited to today’s world.

How much electrical energy appliances use has become increasingly important – especially in sales to large customers with own CSR strategies. Up to now, manufacturers could only reduce power consumption through efficient product design.

KOENA tec enables smart solutions for learning how customers use your products, measuring power use and adjusting energy efficiency modes to each customer’s tailored, individual needs. That is how KOENA tec makes it possible to save more electricity with your customers without compromising on product quality.

Our experts can help you in this area with software development, data analysis and project management.

Erweitern Sie Ihre Geräte um vielfältige Features:

Energy Monitoring – Verbrauchsdaten visualisieren
Energieeffiziente Steuerung
Flexibilitätsvermarktung und Stromnetzausgleich
Predictive Maintenance
Und individuelle Energy-Services

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