Energy savings with restaurant appliances made easy

  • Plug-and-play power measurement
  • Easy wifi connection
  • Manufacturer-supported energy savings control

The future needs sustainable appliances

Restaurants can benefit greatly from using more efficient appliances and by managing their use intentionally.
To make this easier, we made the KOENA Smart Plug. This wifi-connected plug analyzes how power is used by the appliance it is connected to and sends data and recommendations to a personalized online dashboard. The software is adaptable to various use cases: measuring power use, savings recommendations and direct control of supported manufacturers’ models.

Wie funktioniert die Energieeffizienz und das Strom sparen in der Gastronomie

For Restaurants:

Sustainable, digital and energy efficient

Let us help you modernize your restaurant with digital tools to help you save on energy costs! You can use the KOENA Smart Plug set schedules for your appliances and to share your sustainability efforts with your customers.

Your added value:

  • Identify big energy-users
  • Save energy and reduce your electricity costs by 20% on average
  • Increase your sustainability and benefit from sharing this with your customers
  • Overview of multiple locations in the online platform
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For manufacturers:

Digitize your products with KOENA tec

You are an appliance manufacturer and are seeking to keep up with customers‘ demands for digital features and energy efficient products? KOENA tec wants to help you make your products ready for the internet of things while also helping you make them more energy efficient – without comprimizing on quality.

We are glad to offer you an individual solution fit to your particular needs.

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